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Helpful articles/websites:

Homelessness and HIV:

Fighting stigma:

HIV and disclosure:

Transgender rights:

  1. Supporting Trans individuals

  2. Tips to overcome transphobia

  3. Representation

  4. Parenting rights

  5. Tips for allies

Trans dating:

  1. Perspective from The Establishment

  2. GLAAD

  3. Buzzfeed

  4. Folks in love (from Buzzfeed)

Incarceration and youth:

  1. Volunteer to mentor NYC youth

  2. Incarcerated youth services

HIV info:

  1. HIV and gender-affirming hormone therapy

  2. Pregnancy and HIV

  3. Pregnancy and HIV legal rights

HIV and Pregnancy:

  1. What is MTCT?

  2. What is U=U?

  3. HIV meds and childbirth

  4. HIV and breastfeeding

  5. HIV and stigma

  6. HIV testing for newborns

  7. Supporting a loved one with HIV

Drug or alcohol addiction:

  1. What is a halfway home?

  2. OASAS

  3. Drug user health


  1. What is parole?

  2. Marijuana in NY

  3. HIV criminalization

Safe sex:

  1. Condoms

  2. Safer sex

  3. How to talk about testing

  4. Partner notification in NYC

Helpful sites:

  1. SAMHSA: (1-800-662-HELP)

  2. SAMHSA services locator

  3. OASAS helpline

  4. Where can I get tested for HIV?

  5. STD testing services locator

Opioid Epidemic:

  1. Drug facts

  2. How opioids affect the body

  3. About the epidemic

  4. SAMHSA opioid overdose prevention toolkit

  5. Who can addiction affect?

  6. Supporting a loved one through withdrawal

  7. What is naloxone?

  8. NYS naloxone training

  9. Methadone treatment

  10. Buprenorphine

  11. Support for recovery Friends and family

  12. Treatment and recovery resources


  1. Coinfection

  2. Drug use and HIV/HCV

  3. HIV and managing drug dependency

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