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GET! mobile application
helps users schedule medical appointments, list and track medications, read laboratory values, contact healthcare providers, and gain health knowledge

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It’s (GET! App) given me more confidence in my part in this, you know? I’m informed already. I know what’s gonna happen. I know what my numbers are for anything that I do, whether it’s here at this place or whether I’m goin’ somewhere else for something else. I have all of my most recent lab work and all of that, and it’s in my phone.”



- GET! app user

GET! App  


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Add and track medications for HIV management

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Appointment Tracking

Track health appointment alongside your medical team

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Chat in one-to-one secure messaging between PEEP and user

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Appointment Scheduling

Add health and medical appointments with


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Quality Assurance 


Access surveys and in-person feedback to improve app

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Easy Access to Care Team

Connect with healthcare team members in one click

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Educational Materials

Listen to short audio, video, and text material about HIV care



Read laboratory results and keep track of your health

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Read a comic that delves into the lives of young people living with HIV

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