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Season Three Resources

In this season of TESTED, Elena is learning how to manage both her pregnancy and HIV status. Meanwhile, Luis and Dewan are working through their experience with the legal system. For more information on the various topics that this season addresses, click on any of the links below!

HIV and Pregnancy:

  1. What is MTCT?

  2. What is U=U?

  3. HIV meds and childbirth

  4. HIV and breastfeeding

  5. HIV and stigma

  6. HIV testing for newborns

  7. Supporting a loved one with HIV

Drug or alcohol addiction:

  1. What is a halfway home?

  2. OASAS

  3. Drug user health


  1. What is parole?

  2. Marijuana in NY

  3. HIV criminalization

Safe sex:

  1. Condoms

  2. Safer sex

  3. How to talk about testing

  4. Partner notification in NYC

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