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Season Two Resources

Season two of TESTED follows Lily, an out and proud transwoman of color who navigates dating, transphobia, and helping out her friends. See below for some of the resources we referenced when the season was airing!

Transgender rights: 

  1. Supporting Trans individuals

  2. Tips to overcome transphobia

  3. Representation

  4. Parenting rights

  5. Tips for allies

Trans dating:

  1. Perspective from The Establishment

  2. GLAAD

  3. Buzzfeed

  4. Folks in love (from Buzzfeed)

Incarceration and youth:

  1. Volunteer to mentor NYC youth

  2. Incarcerated youth services

HIV info:

  1. HIV and gender-affirming hormone therapy

  2. Pregnancy and HIV

  3. Pregnancy and HIV legal rights

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