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HIV medication adherence tip from someone living with HIV


Popping Pills

Ever have a nosy guest go through your medicine cabinet?

If you read the first season of Tested, you'll see that can be come a pretty big problem. Consider using a pill purse. They're inexpensive and come in variety of adorable shapes and sizes. The purses pictured below can be purchased for under $15.

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Why Is It Important for Me to Take My HIV Medications Every Day?

1) Taking HIV medication reduces the amount of HIV Virus in your body. Maintaining a low Viral Load helps protect your health.

2) Taking HIV medication as prescribed drastically reduces the chance you will pass on the HIV virus to others.

3) Taking your meds helps prevent drug resistance. When the virus becomes resistant to medication, it can limit your treatment options. For more information reach out to your HIV care team, your PEEP, the following link.


Medication Reminder Jingle


Medication reminder from Big Freedia


Medications and Travel Skit

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