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Digital Health Initiative

New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

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About Us

The Digital Health Initiative (DHI) develops, researches, and implements technology-based interventions to impact AIDS Institute healthcare goals. Since 2010, DHI has sponsored a range of activities for funded community organizations, clinicians, and staff, including conferences, workshops, presentations, strategic planning, and other initiatives.


What we do:

  • Educate and train

  • Provide social media and technology guidance

  • Demonstrate the use of digital health tools

  • Develop digital health planning strategies

  • Explore, implement, and evaluate new digital health interventions

DHI projects:

  • The YGetIt? Project, consisting of a mobile application (GET!) and a graphic serial comic (Tested)

  • DHI Academy for AIDS Institute staff

  • Coaching and consultations

  • Digital Health Initiative 2024 Conference

Meet the Team

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