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Action Items

Digital Health Equity – Foundations, Ongoing Work & the Path Forward 

  • Seek to find and understand inequities: proactively look for disparities in deployment and outcomes related to new technologies.

  • Take an evidence-based approach to technology adoption & ensure evidence includes marginalized populations.

  • Target an upstream, multi-level approach at the community and societal levels for high impact interventions.

Accelerating Solutions for Cascading Public Health Crises

  • Use an entrepreneurial approach to identify solutions for public health challenges.

  • Employ an entrepreneurial approach for optimizing engagement with your intended community, clients, and customers​.

  • Utilize a framework for continual iterative refinement of products or services.

Trustworthy AI for Advancing Health Equity 

  • Fairness by design 

    • Assemble diverse AI solution design & development teams. 

    • Include AI Fairness as an explicit design element in your AI solutions. 

  • Bias mitigation 

    • Evaluate your data to eliminate bias in your AI solutions. 

    • Require AI solutions to include algorithmic enhancements for bias mitigation. 

  • Bias monitoring 

    • Continually monitor deployed AI solutions for bias. 

    • Implement and enforce policies to decommission AI solutions that develop problems with bias. 

Healthcare Quality and Safety Functions to Promote Digital Equity

  • Explore how existing quality & safety activities can support advancement of digital health equity

Health in the Digital Age: Empowering Children, Adolescents, and Families

  • Empower pediatric patients and families through digital health information sharing, while appropriately protecting adolescent confidentiality and abiding by state and federal health information sharing laws.

  • Utilize digital health tools to engage children, adolescents, and their families in their healthcare, with a specific focus on vulnerable populations.

  • Implement safeguards to protect adolescent sensitive health information, such as reproductive healthcare and substance abuse.

Addressing Disparities with Digital Tools

  • Understand the opportunities for AI in healthcare.

  • Be prepared to evaluate and implement digital health solutions.

  • Avoid bias in digital health implementation.

Fireside Chat: The Impact of Digital Tools on Communities

  • Make sure your organization has a youth or lived experience advisory board guiding work in all aspects of using technology, including development, implementation, and evaluation. If you have one already, empower them further and create more shared decision-making.

  • Define what digital health equity means at your organization, and have conversations between health equity leaders, e.g. chief equity officer, and other leaders within the organization.

  • Institute culturally competitive care and connect with community leaders around digital health.

  • Ensure that fields of medicine and service delivery AND tech development and programming have representation, and that tools are developed by people with diverse experiences. Build pathways for under-resourced populations to be able successfully thrive in these areas of work.

  • Invest in building the support needed for people to be able to access existing and innovative digital health tools.

  • Maintain the human connection of healthcare alongside the use of digital health tools.

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